Covid-19 Supply Relief Effort

Notice of travel for supplemental medical supply material pick up and delivery.


The CDC has recently released approval for use of reusable fabric masks as an interim solution to the shortage of disposable type, nose and mouth covering face masks, used in hospitals and medical facilities treating Covid-19 patients.

In an effort to help combat the face mask shortages across the U.S., many sewing communities, and the sewing supply stores that have remained open near them, are rapidly producing fabric masks to temporarily supplement hospitals and local medical facilities while mask manufacturers catch up with demand during the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

If the person you are talking to is showing you this, they are part of a growing, grass roots effort to provide potentially life saving masks, similar to the ones in the image below.

This person is either on their way to deliver the masks to one of the local medical facilities they've agreed to make masks for, or they've just picked materials up to create the masks, or they are on their way to get materials, in which case they are showing you this notice.

Please allow them to continue their mission of providing aid to the community. This is a coordinated effort and everyone involved is aware of the risks and responsibilities.

For more information on the organized effort, feel free to reach out to:

Ashley Pangborn


Greg Pangborn

Stitching Strength is an unofficial not for profit group and in no way gains monetarily from the services provided by the sewists involved. 

face shield tutorial for non sewers!

DIY Faceshield tutorial created by my husband ( as seen on wink news)