Five and a half weeks and 8,000 DONATED MASKS later, our project has come to a close. We were able to provide one mask per staff member at over 82 facilities spanning from Charlotte county to nationwide, completing our whole entire request list! I know I have said this many times before but I am so incredibly proud of what we have accomplished to support and protect our community from, medical facilities all the way to the Coalition of Immokalee workers who pick the food we all consume, we are happy to have the opportunity to give back to our essential workers that so many of us depend on.
 To everyone who contributed and supported our project:

YOU ARE ALL ROCKSTARS! I am so happy to have connected with every single one of you<3 all="" couldn="" done="" have="" i="" of="" p="" t="" this="" without="" you="">

face shield tutorial for non sewers!

DIY Faceshield tutorial created by my husband ( as seen on wink news)